Bangalore Traffic >= Hell

From the day my office got shifted to the new campus I could get the real picture of bangalore traffic. Now early in the morning I have to leave my room by 7.45AM to take the cab. Then it takes atleast 1.5 hrs(thts d min time) to reach the office which is just abt 15kms from my place. And in the evening its still worse. One day it took us 2hrs to come back in the evening. I dont understand how the blore ppl manage in such worst conditions. On one hand it was raining, all d roads being blocked, vehicles coming from all directions….that was a really really worst situation. Sometimes to reach office on time I had to start by 7AM 🙁 so that there wont be any traffic 🙂

I dont understand why nothing is being done to address this traffic problem in blore. With so many ppl coming to this so called cosmopolitan city daily…so many new companies being started…I feel tht some drastic measures will have to be taken by the state govt. May be one alternative to this is to go to office early in the morning n come back late in the night 😀 …thereby spending almost 13-14 hrs in office 🙂 ….atleast the productivity would increase this way 🙂

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