Trip to Jog Falls

Last weekend I had been to Jog falls n murdeshwar beach. Was very excited to see the overflowing jog fallsin newspapers…heard that it was full after 12 long years. The journey was not tht tiring. Once we reached the place…half of my excitement was lost looking at the falls…i was expecting more water (thanks to the pics in newspapers n mail forwards). Then the worst thing was that all the hotel rooms near jog falls were booked 🙁 … the way there were only two places for accommodation with each one having arnd 10 rooms.

Then after putting the luggage in a cloak room we started off to go down to the bottom of the falls (it was approx. 960 feet). The route was not that gud..but somehow we managed to reach the bottom of the falls within 50-60 mins.  That was the actual place to be….I could manage to go further till the point where the water actually falls into the pond….the scene was too gud to be described in words. I could see rainbow everywhere….in the water droplets falling on the rocks….in the pond water…..I was unable to directly look at the falls from tht point….after looking at all this I was very very happy….it appeared as if this was a gud enuf reason to go to jog falls. I think it was actually gud that water flow was less or else they would not allow us to go to the bottom of the falls 🙂 .

After leaving jog falls, we started off to murdeshwar beach (abt 3.5 hrs journey). Took a room near the beach. But the beach was not upto our expectations. We were hoping to see dry sand where we could spend some time ….but this was not of tht kind. It was a place wherein the fishermen could go fishing but not tht gud place for tourists. There was a famous temple also over there. After spending some time over there we started off to bangalore.

On the whole the falls were gud but murdeshwar beach was hopeless. Anyways have uploaded the photos in the photo album.

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