Happy Days movie

After a long time I feel that I have seen a gud telugu movie. Continuing with his trend of making movies on light subjects, shekhar kammula takes you through the entire four years of btech life in the movie. Its really amazing that he could pack the whole four years of engineering life into 3 hrs of movie without missing out anything. Everyone of us can identify ourselves at some or the other part of the movie. It depicts almost the same stuff which we had been through in our btech days, be it the ragging, internals, externals, attraction towards girls 😀 (sravanthi or sravs in the movie is like DR…hope my btech classmates still remember 🙂 ) , roaming around with friends n lots of other things tht can’t be revealed here 😉 .

On the whole the movie is worth watching n will definitely make you nostalgic. I hope shekhar kammula would come up with more of such gud movies. I would definitely give 10/10 for the movie. And the conclusion is those were really the happy days of my life.

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