No smoking movie

Looking at the trailers I decided that I must watch the movie. So, even though the reviews were not tht encouraging I booked a ticket for the evening show on a week day. It was raining heavily in blore but somehow managed to reach the theatre on time…..thts my dedication for movies 🙂 😉 .

Now coming to the movie, it was not tht bad as the reviews were projecting. For the whole 2.5 hrs we will never feel bored. But one thing is true abt the movie…its really really confusing… one point we dont understand what’s actually happening. We won’t be able to make out whethere john abraham is in a dream or if its reality.

Briefly looking at the story it goes this way…john abraham is a chain smoker n his wife cum secretary ayesha takia wants him to quit smoking. She comes across john’s old friend abbas who could successfully quit smoking by going to a place called prayogshala…and this guy takes an appointment for john as well. Now john under immense pressure of his wife goes to prayogshala to meet baba bengali and ends up signing a contract with him. From then the way things turn out is quite interesting n confusing 🙂 and the audience would be confused if john is in a dream or reality.

The end is tht john quits smoking ultimately. What I understand about the movie is (now everyone would have their own opinion here… I said earlier its quite confusing) tht its john’s antharathma (soul) tht undergoes all the agony and not john himself except his fingers being cut (to understand all this u will have to watch the movie for sure). So, I guess the point tht the director wants to make is to make ppl realize wht our soul goes through when we smoke.

Anyways I liked the acting of john n paresh rawal. I think paresh rawal has done a great job….this guy fits in any kind of role be it a comedy role in hera pheri or a serious one as in this movie.

And finally this is just my opinion abt the movie and comments are welcome 🙂

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