Goal movie – First day evening show

I heard that Goal movie was supposed to be released on november 23rd…so was checking for pvr tickets from 22nd itself but still the booking was not open and even in the coming movies list goal was not displayed…so I thought the release was postponed……but today I was just chekcing pvr website in the evening at around 4 PM and guess wht tickets were still available….so without wasting anytime I booked a ticket for myself and after 5 mins checked the site again to book for my friend but it was housefull by then…….I was really lucky to get the ticket for the friday show 🙂 .

Anyways now coming to the movie…..Ithe movie was really gud……I liked it………a gud movie after the hopeless saawariya & om shanti om. There are no similarities between chak de and goal…..both of them are gud in their own way…….I found one or two loopholes in the movie but afterall it can’t be 100% perfect 😀 . The story is all about saving the southall united football club. Arshad Warsi’s acting was good……a different role from the one he had in munnabhai….even john abraham and boman irani were gud…….the second part of the movie was much better than the first half….especially the ending was too gud. The first half is all about forming the team……john who was initally in an english team ultimately joins the southall team after he was not selected for the league matches as he was not an english guy.

I was expecting tht definitely there would be some racism related stuff and that was all the movie about….the goras (english) trying to show their superiority over asians….aah this was one movie where it was not only about being indian but they were talking abt india, pakistan and bangladesh together….so the movie was basically goras vs. south-asians 🙂 .The last match is the highlight in the movie. One more reason why I liked the movie was there were no useless songs just to drag the movie…all the ones were according to the situation or just background songs. And finally coming to bipasha’s role, she had nothing much to do……..

On the whole the movie is worth watching…….again a gud sports related movie tht can be a hit.

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