The secret of Einstein

I watched this today in national geographic channel….was very interesting. The main idea of the program was to analyse the various reasons for einstein’s genius.

It talks about the structure of his brain, his ability to concentrate on a single problem, his habit of asking questions like small children and then spending days together to find answers to those questions.

In the show it was shown that there were only two people in history till now famous for their concentration levels one was netwon and the other one einstein. Their concentration levels were so high tht they would even lose their body weight while working continuously for days together isolated in a room without food n water. According to neurology this is some sort of neurological disorder 😕 😯 😯

They even talked about Dr. Thomas Harvey who performed the autopsy after einstein’s death and also took out his brain for preserving. He had preserved the brain for 50 years and then passed on to another doctor to preserve it.

Finally I also came to know about StevenLevy who in 1978 went out to search for einstein’s brain…..u can see his article here. More about steven levy’s search for albert einstein’s brain can be seen in trivia-library.The article is of three parts. Lastly I found a video Einstein’s brain: The search for genius. I found this in google and even I did not watch this….Lastly, the program was too gud and would really like to watch it again if I can get hold of the video somewhere 🙂

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