Aamir Khan Rocks again with Taare zameen par

As expected by everyone taare zameen par was too gud….very natural..close to real life. Though it was his first movie as director, aamir had taken care of each and evey small detail in the movie. The movie handles the dyslexic stuff in a really good way and darsheel (ishaan in the movie) had done justice to his role.

It was six months back when I first came to know about dyslexia when I was watching my favourite program The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in disney channel. But that was a comedy television series. After that this was the first time I saw dyslexia being handled in a serious manner and that too perfectly…hatsoff to aamir khan. In the movie I did not find any flaws and if there are any…it won’t really matter when compared to the overall movie.

On the whole the movie is really worth watching and I think atleast all the parents and school teachers must definitely watch it…..wht I really liked in the movie was when aamir says every child will learn at one time or the other………only difference is some are fast learners and some are slow learners…..so it makes no sense in troubling the child. Also I liked the scene wherein aamir says “sir, isko tho sirf paas hona hain…iski manzil tho kahin aur hain” (sir, he has to just pass, his destination is somewhere else).

So, ppl if you find time watch this movie definitely.

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