Day 2 in US

This was my first day in office…..took a shuttle from the hotel to office. Met my manager….he showed me all around the office…..then got settled in my cubicle…..In the afternoon, went to the cafeteria for lunch with my manager and other team mates. This is where the real problem started 🙂 ……there were so many food options but not even one that suites my taste 🙁 ……there was pork, beef, tukey, chicken, salads n a whole lot of other stuff….ohhh I forogot to mention they even have burritos 😀 Atlast after going around all the counters twice I settled out for a chicken sandwich….and luckily in the deserts I found my all time favourite chocolate mousse 🙂

In the evening went out to meet another friend of mine…nandhini. We had dinner at an indian restaurant called Bombay Garden. Was happy to see some indian food….so I happily ordered a rogan josh……..but you know the burrito was much better 😀 …..the mutton pieces were like pieces of rubber…..except the gravy there was nothing to eat 🙁

So, for the first two days, the dinner I had was hopeless……this might be the first time that I had spent around 1200 rupess (ofcourse I should not actually convert the $ into rupees) for each meal and ate almost nothing 🙁

Lesson#2: Never order any mutton dishes

Also I had taken a new at&t connection in the evening….a prepaid connection for a month. It costed my $25. Also talked to some more friends of mine.

Forgot to mention….today I actually drove my friend’s car. That was the first time I drove in the US. Its definitely going to take some time before I can get used to driving here. Once I start thinking of the rules n lane changes, I tend to forget abt keeping to the right and vice-versa. Anyways its just going to be a matter of time before I would be comfortable driving here.

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