Day 3 in US

Things started settling slowly………one thing I forgot to mention was about the breakfast in my hotel……I must say this is the only part of the meal that I enjoy the most 🙂 ….rest of the day I just eat to fill my stomach 🙁

Anyways today I found some indian dish for lunch in the cafeteria…..took that but as usual it wasn’t that good….then later in the day I went back to cafeteria again as I was too hungry….. and this time there were very few options and I had to settle down for a salad 🙁

Imagine what kind of a situation it would be wherein a guy who never eats any green salads had actually bought one for $3 😀 . I used to call it ghaas-poos 🙂 when I was in India and now I am forced to eat it. Anyways I din’t like it and just had half of it. So, by evening I was so hungry that I left my office and went to my friend’s place. We went to McDonald’s and had a burger and fries.

And for dinner…..looking at my situation my friend took me to another indian restaurant swagat which was supposed to be a good one. Here we ordered an egg biryani. My friend told me that this restaurant was running for more than 17 years now and the person who came to take our order was working there for the last 17 years 😯 . This time the food was good….but not that great. Anyways I had very less time as I had a conf call and had to go back to hotel soon. So, did not go out anywhere after dinner.

Was feeling vey sleepy…so went to bed immediately after my call……

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