US Trip Contd….

Thought of posting every day about my experiences in US… but look at the dates when I posted about my Day 3 and then Day 4. Its a whole 2 weeks gap 😯 That’s a really loooooong time. Became so busy here that could not even update my blog. So, atlast thought of summarizing my experiences in the last two weeks at a time.

Actually I have got lot of things to write…..and I even forgot some…… On my first weekend here I thought of going to San Francisco but could not go as my friends here were shifting their house and I was with them helping to move things. Then on sunday we went to mystery spot…. about 30 mins drive from my place. Unfortunately after taking just two snaps my camera had some problem 🙁 so could not take pics any more 🙁 . In the night I went out along with my friend nandhini to go around Stanford University. She did her Masters from stanford. Had dinner at some Indo-Chinese restaurant. Food wasn’t that gr888. But stanford campus was too good 🙂 . This was my first weekend here in US.

The following week was a bit hectic. Got busy with work. Booked my flight tickets to Vegas. Was planning to go to Vegas, Grand Canyon and LA. And by second week itself I started eating mexican food…..chalupa chicken and cheesy fiesta potatoes in taco bell were good. Also tried many other things over the week.

Now comes the interesting part of my trip…. my weekend trip to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Los Angeles (Disneyland). When I started out for Las Vegas I didn’t knew that hoover dam was on the way to Grand Canyon. I was so happy and so excited to know that….. bcoz going to hoover dam was like some dream come true 🙂 ….. yes , I mean it. I was a big fan of it since the the day I watched its construction in Discovery Channel some 9 years back. Maybe the dam might not be the biggest in the world but that was the first time when I saw the construction of a dam in such hostile conditions….its like my first crush 😀 ……….after that I had seen so many programs in discovery and NGC but hoover dam was always special to me 🙂 ….maybe you might be thinking that this guy has gone mad 😡 ……talking more about hoover dam than the casinos in Vegas….but the fact is that I felt more happier to see the dam than the casinos in Vegas 😎

Let me talk about the vegas trip now 🙂 …..we took our flight from san francisco at 11.30 pm. The flight time was about 45 mins. Then took our car from the avis office at the airport and started off to vegas strip…. for people who don’t know what vegas strip is…its just the whole stretch in vegas where we have all the casinos, hotels, etc…….basically the actual happening place in vegas…. more to come about my vegas trip in the next update 🙂

keep watching……………………………….

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  1. nice!
    Haven’t checked your blog in a really long time… but I must say that the common theme of your travels seems to be FOOD!!! 🙂

  2. yeah…nandhini…at one point even I felt that…. 🙂
    so will write about my other experiences as well apart from food 😀

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