BCB6 Kick-off

8.30 AM – Started from airport Road

9.15 AM – Reached IIMB

9.30 – Completed registration…..this time we got coffee mugs instead of t-shirts 🙂

The first kick-off session was supposed to start at 9.15 AM at the auditorium…..but as you know its 9.15 IST 😀 ……atlast the session started at around 9.55 AM

9.55 AM – Intro about barcamp and intros of all the people giving talks. The wi-fi was not yet ready….hope to get it working soon

The topics of the talks varied over a wide range starting from web & internet technology, social responsibility, dating, startups & entrepreneurship, seo’s (basics to advanced level), hacking canon cameras, web designing, twitter, panchatantra & kamasutra 😯 , mathematical artworks, self-defense, importance of girl child, marketing a startup, building high performance and scalable websites, how I am driving…. its about the way people drive in bangalore and the traffic scenario in bangalore (looks to be interesting), mobile advertising, poetry , credit card calls….identity theft, techniques to influence people, GWT (Google web toolkit) etc

One difference that I found was that this time there were many non-tech talks when compared to BCB5. The start was really good and quite humourous.

more to come………………

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