Session on How am I driving

This was the last session that I attended on day 1. The talk was given by keshav. He was basically pointing out the reckless driving on bangalore roads. He had personally taken some videos of BMTC buses where drivers were steering the wheel hands-free 🙂 , cab drivers driving negligently and many other such instances. The point he wants to make here was that this guy had approached the BMTC authorities also regarding this…but it was of no big use. And in the process he came to know about an interesting fact about the driver cum conductor BMTC buses. For people who are not in bangalore, here we have got buses where in there won’t be any conductor in the bus and the driver has to issue the tickets as well as drive the bus 😯 ………. quite interesting 🙂 and the hands-free driving I was mentioning above was in one of such buses.

Now when this guy keshav approached BMTC authorities regarding this, he was told that this system was inspired from US….. some NRI has given this idea and BMTC is very happy in implementing this as it would save them having an extra person in the bus. In fact these kind of services were very profitable for BMTC.

So, this is the best example of what happens when we try to implement some new system that was working fine somewhere else. These people had just done a ctrl-C, ctrl-V without any changes. They didn’t even think how feasible it is in our Indian context. With so much of traffic here, no proper infrastructure, how can it work directly here. This is just one example for the traffic woes in bangalore. The BMTC people won’t be worried as long as they get profits. But its the traffic that gets affected just because these buses had to stop near the bus stops for an average of 2 mins more when compared to normal bus services. This would directly increase the traffic woes of bangalore roads.

Now coming back to the session, this guy came up with a new website wherein we can directly send an sms about any vehicle’s driving….just send an sms with the vehicle number and the message and it would be updated on the website. This was designed by some student as his final year project. I am not sure how successful would be such kind of initiatives but one thing is for sure……..there is definitely need for some drastic measures to be taken to improve the traffic situation here…..forgot to mention the website…its

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