Pangea Day, a global day of film

Heard about this pangea day a lot but never actually looked into the details. The concept looked interesting to me. Check out the details of pangeaday in bangalore here. The inspiration behind this pangea day is this TED talk by Jehane Noujaim…..the winner of 2006 TED prize. Planning to be there this saturday.

4 Replies to “Pangea Day, a global day of film”

  1. 🙁 .. should have been thr a little earlier ..
    it would be great if you write a detailed blog after the event ..

  2. Sure….will write about it if I attend the event tomorrow
    mostly I will be going there….but not 100% sure

  3. I found a couple of locations around DC where they are hosting the event .. I will try to go there .. but not really sure .. should get done with the packing today atleast for that .. 🙂

  4. wow!!!!!!! thts the spirit 🙂 and I found a friend who also wants to come….so I will be attending it for sure

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