Lamborghini in bangalore

Believe me!!!!!! I just saw a lamborghini in bangalore on airport road and it wasn’t long back when I saw a ferrari on airport road (near the pizza hut junction…near wind tunnel road) and today it was a lamborghini………was shocked to see one in india and that too in bangalore…. 😯 . Came home and just googled for “lamborghini in bangalore” and here I found this youtube video.

It was an yellow lamborghini……. I was waiting at the leela palace junction ( near manipal hospital) on airport road….and just then I see this car taking a U turn in front of me….. I was so happy to see it….. and then I saw the power of the car……..just in a split second this guy was racing like hell as the road was not too busy….man the sound was awesome…..and then we got green signal and started following him……poor fellow he had to slow down 🙂 thanx to bangalore traffic 😀

And then comes another surprise…..I was expecting some young chap in his twenties driving it and what I saw was some old man maybe in his 50’s 😯 with white beard and wearing a black coloured cap. Followed him till the domlur flyover and then that guy went straight on airport road and I had to take the flyover to 100 ft. road 🙁

Anyways I am really happy to get a glimpse of it….. when I was in US I just saw these lamborghinis’s in a showroom in San Francisco (me standing before the car and here is another one)and was content with that….but today it was a gr8888 feeling to see it on bangalore roads…..this was the first time I felt bad for not having a camera in my cell phone 🙁 and felt good about the bangalore traffic (or else by the time I could reach him he must have reached some 200 miles per hour 🙂 ).

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  1. i landed at ur web page wen searching the same query “lamborghini in bangalore”. I’m seeing one regularly in BTM layout 2nd stage. Its a red lamborghini – very beautiful I must say..

    There are fu*&*** rich ppl in blore too… :>

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