Going to Kodachadri Trek

This is the first time I am writing about the place that I will be going to. Generally you would see my posts only after I go somewhere. But this time the trek looks to be interesting and there are so many things to write about 🙂 that I thought of writing about it even before starting 😀 . I had been on treks before also but this time its going to be a full 2 day one.

It all started when my friend Karthik was going to Kodachadri along with a few of his colleagues and asked me and Jayant if we are interested in joining. And the answer would obviously be yes 😀 . All the planning for the trip was done by them only. And here’s our plan…. start from bangalore on friday night….reach a place called Karakatte the next day morning….then after completing our morning activities, we would start our trek and reach our breakfast point. From here we might go to Arasinagundi falls and then come back to the same point and continue with the trek. Or we might just go towards the peak after going to Hadlumane falls. Finally after reaching our destination we plan to see the sunset/sunrise from the peak. Heard a lot about the view…lets see how its going to be. Then start climbing down after breakfast and reach a place called Kollur and then finally bangalore by monday morning. That’s our tentative plan for now.

Coming to the special attractions in the trek, I just came to know today that we would be welcomed by leeches 😯 (thts scary). We are carrying tobacco with us and it seems applying tobacco with oil on our feet 💡 would put away the leeches. For me as of now this leeches business is the only thing to worry 😀 about. The other friends of mine had faced the same on their other treks and say its not at all a problem. They don’t even see this to be an issue 🙁 . Lets see how am I going to manage 🙂 or am I worrying too much???

And coming to the supplies that we are taking, we are going to carry food, torch lights, jackets, first aid kit, water and tobacco of course 🙂 . Sounds like a professional trek 😎

Will write about my experiences once I am back on monday………happy weekend 🙂

Just to add, few of my friends are suggesting to take salt instead of tobaccco & oil combination to avoid leeches. I think I might carry salt as well 🙂

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