Singh is King – Another hopeless movie

Its been just 2 weeks since I could digest the movie Contract. Being a Ram Gopal Varma’s fan, I went along with 3 other friends of mine on the first day and the first few minutes of the movie itself gave us indications how horrible its going to be. Just to compensate for it we had watched Hancock on the same day within a gap of 15 minutes 😀 .

And now its this much hyped movie Singh is King. This also turned out to be a hopeless one. I was really disappointed. And I had taken a friend of mine who generally does not watch movies at all. I can imagine how he would have felt 🙂 . Except a few hilarious scenes in the first half, there was nothing much in the movie. The story line was not that good and some of the scenes just made no sense. And lots of punjabi element was added in the movie…….maybe that’s just to draw some crowd to the theatres. Maybe the first week collections of this movie might be good as many gullible people like me 🙁 might fall for the hype created. But I definitely don’t see this one to be a big hit.

Some good points about the movie are……… of course Katrina Kaif 😉 , some comedy scenes in the first half and the punjabi dialogues. Apart from this nothing great about the movie. If at all you plan to watch it, don’t have too much of expectations out of it 🙂 .

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  1. I will not argue about you being not ignorant. But others watching that movie were gullible 🙂 .

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