Another attempt by Ram Gopal Varma to scare the audience. But the fact is that this one isn’t scary at all. All those weird camera angles and sound effects went in vain…….they really don’t seem to make any difference at all. In fact all that made the audience laugh instead…….for a while I was wondering if I came to a horror movie or a comedy movie 😀 . But anyways, the movie wasn’t all that bad and its definitely much much better than varma’s previous movie contract.

The story is a very simple one. It basically revolves around a construction engineer rajeev an atheist and his family. His daughter becomes a victim of black magic (kaala jaadu) and the movie is about how he saves his daughter. The struggle between science and superstitions has always been there and in this movie its the superstition that wins. I would have liked the movie more if it would have been the other way round 🙂 . But ultimately its all about what sells in the market 😀 .

On the whole I would say its worth watching once and definitely not at all scary atleast not when compared to RGV’s movie bhooth. The child who becomes the victim of black magic has perfomed very well. Even the other characters in the movie have given good performances. I think its a good come back by RGV after the hopeless movie contract. Hope his next movies would be of his original standards 😀 .

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