Bangalore Traffic Police changing for the good

Was surprised today to see a mail in our company mailing list with the subject “Traffic Tickets in Bangalore“. That person was given a traffic ticket for “No Parking” violation. Initially I thought it might be just a one-off case…. but after googling up a bit, I came to know that bangalore traffic police are indeed issuing tickets for traffic rules violation…. as of now I think its mostly for parking violations only. The cops just give the ticket and we need to go to the police station to pay the fine. No towing of vehicles, no bribes and no arguments. But I guess its being implemented only for cars and two wheelers are still towed away 🙁 . You can check out the experiences of some people here. Looks like things are changing slowly.

This actually reminds me of another new initiative by bangalore traffic police where in they send sms to people about traffic updates. You can check out the blog entry made by jayant about this here. I think as of now, its only airtel subscribers getting these messages. Whatever it be, atleast things are changing now and lets just hope that traffic situation in bangalore would just get better.

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  1. The traffic Police constatly need to manage or the cases is same story. The silk board, madiwala are the worst..signals are suggestion and lane discipline is not existed, free left is ignored, madiwala people cross like cattle we dare to drive, bus stop is just after the flyover to block entire trffic.

    90% traffic discipline to made yet.

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