Unwanted change

As a kid I always wanted to have glasses. Whenever I used to have headache or felt some strain in my eyes, I used to ask my parents to take me for an eye checkup hoping to get glasses. But I guess that fascination of mine for glasses was only till 11th or 12th standard. By this time you would have guessed what is that unwanted change in my life 🙂 . I no longer wish to wear glasses and that’s when I had to 🙁 . Yeah the new unwanted change is that I have got +0.5 power…..astigmatism to be precise and I need to wear glasses now 🙁 .

It all started a week back when my eyes used to pain a lot and then I had headache by afternoon. It was only after taking a tablet or sleeping for 2-3 hrs, I used to be back to normal. It went on for four days at a stretch and finally yesterday I decided to go for a checkup. After a long wait for an hour and then four rounds of testing for about 2 hrRakeshs the doctor finally says “the reason for your headache is this error in your vision” and then he prescribed glasses for me. So, finally on December 6th 2008, my childhood fascination for glasses became a reality. You can see my new avatar in the pic 😀 . It feels strange to have glasses. Whatever I try to see now, I look through the lenses and also through the gap between the glasses and my face. And I have tough time while walking on the stairs or while eating food 🙁 . Looks like its going to take me few more days to get used to this new change. Right now it appears as if I have got some burden over my face. Though the power is less, I will have to wear them always to avoid the headache or strain in my eyes 🙁 . So, finally I will be back to normal after a gap of 6 days 🙂 .

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  1. Congratulations on your new achievement!! 😛

    🙂 🙂 🙂 I used to have a fascination for glasses sometime in 9th class.. and actually managed to get a pair for 6months or so.. never used it after that…. Hopefully I’ll get glasses only after 40 😀

  2. congrats??? 🙁
    why do you want to get glasses after 40 also….. believe me, its seriously hopeless 🙁 and I have no option now but to wear them

  3. D00d welcome to the club.. mujhe bhi to abhi 2 mahine hi hue hain.. but mera number -ve hai.. -0.75 both eyes..

    first 3-4 days was very ajeeb to wear the glasses.. ab nahin pehanta hoon to ajeeb lagta hai..

    aur suna kya chal raha hai.. been a while since we had a chat on phone..

    agar contacts lega to dhyaan rakhiyo care kaafi karna padega..

  4. abbey u started wearing glasses regularly?? ye kab hua?
    anyways I won’t be taking contacts for now 🙂 ……lets talk over the weekend

  5. Welcome to the club. Dont worry….you will get used to it.
    Mera power kam ho raha hai every year. at peak it was -3.00. That was 3 years ago. Now its -1.75. 😀

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