Bungee Jumping results in tragedy

Its been a long time since I posted anything. But never expected that I will have to start with something bad. This is about the bungee jumping event organised by CARE and facilitated by BMC India in Bangalore on April 10th, 11th, 12th.

Few days back, I got a mail forward about this bungee jumping event being organised by CARE adventures and headrush bungee. I was interested in it but could not go because of some work and a friend of mine, Karthik registered for the event. He went to the event on 11th April. His serial number was 31 and was waiting for his turn. In the meanwhile he went out for lunch and after coming back he notices that nothing was going on over there. Then he came to know that there was a mishap and a guy got injured seriously. So, the event was cancelled. Just after five or six persons had done it, the hook was broken and resulted in the accident.

So, this post is to warn anyone who would like to register for such events in the future. Be sure that enough safety measures are taken before taking part in any such events. Later on when the news about this incident came on news, we came to know that the guy has succumbed to death. There wasn’t even an ambulance at the venue which is supposed to be a very basic safety measure. And as it always happens after such events, the organisers were absconding. So, people be careful…….all the adventurous people out there, this should be an eye-opener.