Bungee Jumping results in tragedy

Its been a long time since I posted anything. But never expected that I will have to start with something bad. This is about the bungee jumping event organised by CARE and facilitated by BMC India in Bangalore on April 10th, 11th, 12th.

Few days back, I got a mail forward about this bungee jumping event being organised by CARE adventures and headrush bungee. I was interested in it but could not go because of some work and a friend of mine, Karthik registered for the event. He went to the event on 11th April. His serial number was 31 and was waiting for his turn. In the meanwhile he went out for lunch and after coming back he notices that nothing was going on over there. Then he came to know that there was a mishap and a guy got injured seriously. So, the event was cancelled. Just after five or six persons had done it, the hook was broken and resulted in the accident.

So, this post is to warn anyone who would like to register for such events in the future. Be sure that enough safety measures are taken before taking part in any such events. Later on when the news about this incident came on news, we came to know that the guy has succumbed to death. There wasn’t even an ambulance at the venue which is supposed to be a very basic safety measure. And as it always happens after such events, the organisers were absconding. So, people be careful…….all the adventurous people out there, this should be an eye-opener.

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  1. Hi,
    I was there to experience this really unfortunate event. We had just reached the spot and were registering when we stopped to look at the people who were doing the reverse bungee jump. This boy looked quite young and as he swung up in the air everyone cheered for him. Suddenly as he bounced back in the air the hook snapped and he fell face down.
    What I want to bring to the notice of everyone is the fault of the company Headrush that was organising the event. They had NO safety measures. There was no safety net. Apart from that, they had NO ambulance or even first aid kit. The doctor there looked as paranoid as the rest of us. For the first 15 mins, this boy was just lying there unconscious with serious injuries. Then finally they decided to put him in a scorpio and took him to the hospital.
    This is severe lack of safety and a very casual approach. Adventure sports are for fun but this company needs to realise that they cannot get away with such an incident. He might have survived if they had all the safety precautions they boast of on their website.
    I have bungee jumped twice before (once in bombay and once in new zealand) and I know the precautions taken by the companies are very strict and alert.

    This is a request to everyone in the future. Please DO NOT do such sports in India ever again. Sad to say, but we do not have the facilities and responsibilities to handle fun in a serious way.

  2. This is indeed shocking !!! i was the last person who did bungee on friday i.e. 10th April. It was all dark at 8:30 PM when i jumped, and my friends were denied the jump when their turn came after me, citing security reasons. Am so fortunate to be typing this, it could have been me !!!!

  3. I would say, spread awareness among as many people as possible so that at least in future such mishaps could be avoided……seriously when it comes to safety, its always given least importance in india…..very sad that something that is supposed to be fun and adventurous has turned out to be such a tragedy

  4. I was jumping from the morning to go to this Bungee jumping.
    Got succumbed to laziness and thought will go tomorrow. I am glad that I did not…

    Feel so bad for that person. 🙁

  5. Oh! my god. I didnt think it could get this serious.
    In fact me and my friend had done Bungee Jumping from the same place two weeks back.
    I am entirely in shock, and to think we trusted those guys blindly…

  6. Hi Friends,

    I had been to the event with my couin and his friends. this being the my first trip to bangalore, i had curosity to see the people and activities of the city.

    My friends had booked the jump yeterday and were supposed to do the jump at 2:45 PM. but as they had to pick me from work, they were delayed for their jump, and we reached the place around 3:15 and on reaching the site we were shocked to know that someone has met with accident an the event was cancelled for the day. We stayed back at the site for sometime and then we came to know that the guy who met with accident had minor injuries.

    Thereafter, my friend called the police station about the incident. And it was only when police called back, they informed that the guy had died in wockart hospital.

    It was really shocking for all of us to know about such an incident and we pray that the soul of the person shall rest in peace. Life is a very precious thing and just to earn small money, people risk the lives of common man.

    I was never wlling to go for the jump may be i was scared but the murderers of the boy don’t fear, who so ever they were. These small incidents take plae everyday in every city but no one notices the same. And the carefree attitude that people take on such issues incourage such people to risk the lives of so many.

    I want to say that such people shall be punished, no matter what resources such people have. We have to standup for our safety. There are so many things that are wrong in the society but the only way to solve such things is that we have to change our attitude towards things and should stand up against any such wrong thing.

    It could have been anyone, right now the person is unknown to us but the person could have been me if i would have tried or my friends.

    The population of our country is over 1.5 billon, but that does not mean cost of life of people is less. Every life is precious and people shall understand such things.

    The question is not punishing the people guilty at the present instance but the important thing is to act tough and avoid future mishappenings. If the law punishes the culprit in every such activity by strong action then it can have a deterent effect.

    That the organisers had a net that was on 6 bamboo sticks in the name of safety, without any first aid facilities. We mourn the death of the innocent young guy.

    The family of the boy will never be able to overcome the death, but we shall avoid any such incident to happen by whatever we can do.

    I request everyone to understand our rights and our duties. Please vote this time and please vote for the person whom you think can take care of the rights of all the citizens and for the person who is from the people and respects people and the rights and shall not vote for nyone from any party whom we think is fooling us.

    On a very sad note, i take your leave and i hope that we do good things in life and things that can make life of others better.

    Zaryab J Rizvi (Advocate)
    New Delhi
    9999784700, 9935484700

  7. “CARE” is the organising company and the owners name is sheshadari. they are solely responsible for this accident and death. many companies like CARE work carelessly and result in death in adventure. we all should spread a message to others to stop entertaining activities from Sheshadari and his company so called “CARE”. Adventure is a matter of life and death and these guys should be held completely responsible for unfortunate death of an youngster.

  8. My friends and I were planning to go on Saturday, but I had my fears over the security so I said no. Luckily my friends also did not go due to some reason. This is truly sad.

  9. My God!! have heard of a similar incident in Goa with someone doing the paragliding thing. very sad and very very scary.

  10. Almost it took me 2yrs to find this blog I am not a good writer but I ahv to wirte here exactly what happened 🙁 Hello readers its me karthick (The one who Rakesh was mentioning in his comment).
    It was a worst day ever I faced in my life 🙁 we all missed a good friend and vry sportive guy named Bhargav.
    Bhargav spent only few hrs with us but he has stolen our hearts.
    I still remember that black day, I was totally admired by bhargav’s awesome smile
    He was very friendly,doing full of fun and with high spirits but unfortunately he and we doesn’t know tht this is going to be last for few hrs 🙁

    Actually our plan is to do “Bungee Jump” and when we reached the place it was so horrible that the organizer don’t have proper safety measures no ambulance, no proper net to avoid jumpers falling into the ground and even there is no water looks very strange to us since we were trying it for the first time we questioned very minimal and it was smartly answered by a As_hole shesatri Once every one started to jumping we were in the peak of joy – by god’s grace all the jump were success. Bhargav jumped after me.

    We hav ever thought that the fu_cking organizers will introduce a new type of jump called “Reverse Bungee jump” and it tempted our jumpers to enroll this jump which is not in plan (The Fate enters here).
    In the reverse bungee jump bhargav’s number is 31 and my is No 2 Unfortunately we have exchanged the number bcoz I felt hungry n want to take some food, so I took some of my co-mates to the hotel.
    While I was having food in the hotel which is approx 5km away from the Spot I got call saying that some accident took place during the reverse bungee jump …I was shocked!!! n we thought might be small fracture but really we don’t to whom it happened immediately we took an auto and urged to spot in middle we saw the bull sh_t sheshatri n I called him but after seeing us he started to ran..thn we left that place n urged to Worhard hospital to see bhargav’s condition but we can able to hear only one bad news from the doctor’s “He is no more” he got multiple fracture in his skull and his leg and hands were completely collapsed. I am last one who saw his body b4 the post mortem… I cried a lot 🙁 We all don’t what to do n how to react. It is very tough for me to explain in words when Bhargav’s parents and relatives were entered into hospital..really a tough day.
    So Please please I beg you guy whatever adventure you are doing make sure that the safety measures are pefect and the organizers are genuine one. Its a lesson for all.


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