Watched this much-awaited movie today and Amitabh Bachchan has proved it again. Amitabh’s  performance as a Progeria kid Auro was brilliant and also an excellent work done by the make-up artists.

But the movie as a whole wasn’t that great as expected. Definitely it wasn’t as good as Taare Zammen Par (TZP).  And it could be partly because of the kind of subject choosen in Paa. The disease Progeria that the movie is all about has no cure and Amitabh had to die at the end. But more than Amitabh dying at the end, I didn’t actually see much about Progeria being dealt with in the movie. At least that is something basic expected from these kind of movies. If we compare TZP with Paa, TZP is entirely about dyslexia in children and how they could be helped rather than being neglected. On the contrary, the director in Paa was trying to address many issues like bad politics, irresponsible media and of course the bringing together of Abhishek and Vidya Balan. But as the disease Progeria itself has no cure, maybe the director had to come up with these extras to keep the movie going. Maybe a different subject could have been chosen and then showed how it could be handled. In Paa, it was like Auro was just left to die and nothing could be done. To me it looked like another routine Bollywood story with a slightly different touch.

But, Auro’s comedy was something really good and also some of the touching scenes in the second-half were good. More or less it was just Auro driving the whole movie as our Big B always does 😀 .

Another point that I didn’t like was the titles being read out by Jaya Bachchan when the movie starts. Though it was just about for a minute, somehow I really felt irritated with that idea. Was just waiting for her to stop 🙂 . Instead they could have had some background song.

On the whole, I would definitely suggest watching this movie at least for our Big B’s performance.  But point to remember is not to go with TZP’s expectations. Big B definitely rocks but its no match to TZP. Lastly, though initially many thought that Paa was a remake of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, its definitely not. Paa definitely deals with a real disease where as the other one is just some work of fiction.

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