Telangana History X

I am not going to whine here about the present Telangana movement. Was actually watching American History X movie and that was the initiative.

Has anything you have done made your life better?……… This is the statement that made me write this post.  Professor Sweeney in the movie asks Derek this question in prison and that makes Derek to really look back at all his actions against the Afro-Americans. This guy Derek was actually influenced by another person (Cameron) and joins a radical organisation against the Black people. The above question really makes sense. If only people would start thinking rationally and ask themselves such questions before blindly doing/supporting anything, this world would definitely have been a better place.

In the current situation I can correlate this to the on-going Telangana State movement (and that’s the reason for the title 😀 ). Instead of people just saying we have been fighting for a separate state for the last 40 years and we want it now, why can’t they just think for a moment in what way is that going to make their life better. In my opinion, oppurtunities be it education/job or whatever it be should be based on talent and not just because you happen to be from some region in a country and so have got more right than someone else from a different region. The sooner people would realize this the better would be our future.

Ofcourse, this applies to whatever we do in our life and its just a coincidence that the Telangana movement was going now and found it to be apt.

And towards the end of the movie, liked the conclusion of Danny in his paper……..Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it.

A good movie with a good message.

3 Replies to “Telangana History X”

  1. Yes you are right, people shouldn’t blindly follow anything without realizing what difference it would make 🙂
    I believe a separate Telangana would make a lot of sense for a lot of people 😛
    It’s just how we take it, micro-management is better any given day… helps both sides of AP… T-region and non-T regions to become better…
    All this factoring in a few corrupt politicos, govt officials 🙂 still would help these places grow faster than the rate at which they r already going !!!
    Let’s just give it a try 😉

  2. @myth – I think its not as simple as you said to just divide T and non-T regions…and to just give it a try, its not some B-plan 😀

  3. Nothing is simple bro ! Nothing is…
    U take a step fwd each time 🙂

    I was never Pro-T, i’m still not saying i’m Pro-T, but i guess it would make more sense to have T and non-T…

    Just give it a try 😉 Y not ?

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