Moved to a new apartment

After 2.5 years of stay in Bangalore I finally decided to rent a 1 bedroom apartment for myself…and that is when the problems started.Β  My requirements were a decent sized apartment for a single person with car parking in a good locality……don’t think it’s asking for too much but it was not that easy to find one.

Even after a month’s search I could not find a decent apartment that I could rent….and in the process of my search (sulekha was the only source of my searches) I found some really interesting houses…….one guy posted an apartment for Rs. 7500 with 10 months advance that did not even have doors for bathrooms, the kitchen which was actually an extended room into the veranda with some asbestos sheet as the roof. Then there was this house that was not even big enough to accommodate a 6’x4′ bed…and the owner says, a software engineer who was staying there until recently moved to US now and even got a citizenship there πŸ™‚ . So, does that mean, I have to squeeze myself into that matchbox like house in the hope of getting a US citizenship πŸ™„ !!!

Though I was completely against going with agents, in desperation I finally thought of contacting some and none of these people charge anything less than a month’s rent πŸ™ . So, was back to sulekha again.

Finally after many shocking experiencesΒ  I could find an apartment suiting all my requirements but for a slightly higher rent but I had no other option….and it was through an agent πŸ™ (good part is he did not charge meΒ  one month’s rent as commission). But now after a month and a half of stay in this apartment, I must say it was a really good decision. I am enjoying every single moment here especially the amazing view of the lake and coconut grove from my balcony. Its so refresing and worth every paisa πŸ˜€ .

The other good part about this place is this being a big campus, even at midnight you can safely go down for a walk (which I rarely do πŸ˜€ ) which reminds me of the good old IIT campus days. I am eagerly waiting for a good rain during the day to see how it would look…..will post some more pics then.

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  1. Good Rain implies closed doors…
    Lots of insects πŸ™‚ no fresh air….
    Water seeping into the hall !

    Still waiting for rains bro ???

    To all the others, this comment posted from his heaven !

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