Getting Lost

What an addiction the Lost series is!!!! Just started watching it on Friday evening. Saw the first 5 episodes of Season-1 and went to bed. After that this is what I did on Saturday –

Got up at around 11.15 AM.

Had some tea and started watching Lost.

Watching Lost continues along with my brunch.

And then again Lost and lost……finally by evening ended up watching 5 more and decided not to watch more. Then thought of just watching 11th episode and then only the 12th 😀 ….and after that did not decide anything….it went on upto 6 AM in the morning with a few tea breaks and dinner break. By then I completed the 23rd episode of Season-1 🙂 .

On Sunday, got up at around 1.45  PM and the same routine continues 🙁 … completed the last 24th episode of Season-1 and then started with Season-2. Finally put a stop to it at half of 6th episode of Season-2.

Just to add, did not even take bath over the last 2 days 😀 . The only other productive work (apart from having food and putting my clothes in washing machine) I did was to get half a kilo of Chocolate Truffle cake 🙂 .

Also started watching Friends these days. Done with Season-1 and Season-2 is going on. And South Park download is going on now 😀 .

I think I will be in serious trouble if this continues………need to get back to work now but will try to complete all the seasons of Lost in a month 😀 .

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