BCB6: How search engines work

The session title sounds interesting. Had a short intro about everyone’s background.This guy was talking about importance of having the keywords in title, page content, in the url, etc. And then comes an argument about title being not that important these days…… example youtube, flickr, etc. Also the keyword suggestion tools were talked about…. worktracker, google trends, google adwords suggest, etc. Actually there were two guys from google in the room which made the discussions interesting. Topics were like tags for images, keyword proximity, data centre location, etc. This guy has got a website searchenginedetails.com

There is the dailyseo.com guy here…..donno how popular these sites are…. will check it out later

Its end of the session…..lets see whts coming up next…..

Session on kwippy

This session is about kwippy. Its about micro blogging………..a new term for me 🙂

The session was about how different it is from twitter, its IM features, etc. It was not that interesting and also not able to get anything good out of it 🙂 . So, moving on to another session.

Logo design session

Currently in L-11 room to attend the logo design session….there is some delay in the session and a guy started his talk on search engines.

Sebastin is the guy talking about wropl.com ….. his beta version of search engine he was working on. He basically uses yahoo api’s and also some other api’s as well. What he basically does is to take results from different search engines and then provide them at a single place. The new terminology I heard of here was about web scraping. His website was basically some mashup and not a search engine exactly.

Here starts the logo design session. Aashish solanki is the guy talking in the session. The session started with basic classification of logos, blunders in logos (starbucks example), his favourite logos (yahoo, apple, coca-cola, mercedes, FedEx…..i didn’t knew there was a hidden arrow in their logo, etc). Then he has quickly created a new logo for barcamp to illustrate to us how easy it is to create logos 😕 easy 😕 😯 naaaa 🙂

Update is that the wi-fi works atlast….going to the next session now….

BCB6 Kick-off

8.30 AM – Started from airport Road

9.15 AM – Reached IIMB

9.30 – Completed registration…..this time we got coffee mugs instead of t-shirts 🙂

The first kick-off session was supposed to start at 9.15 AM at the auditorium…..but as you know its 9.15 IST 😀 ……atlast the session started at around 9.55 AM

9.55 AM – Intro about barcamp and intros of all the people giving talks. The wi-fi was not yet ready….hope to get it working soon

The topics of the talks varied over a wide range starting from web & internet technology, social responsibility, dating, startups & entrepreneurship, seo’s (basics to advanced level), hacking canon cameras, web designing, twitter, panchatantra & kamasutra 😯 , mathematical artworks, self-defense, importance of girl child, marketing a startup, building high performance and scalable websites, how I am driving…. its about the way people drive in bangalore and the traffic scenario in bangalore (looks to be interesting), mobile advertising, poetry , credit card calls….identity theft, techniques to influence people, GWT (Google web toolkit) etc

One difference that I found was that this time there were many non-tech talks when compared to BCB5. The start was really good and quite humourous.

more to come………………

Overall experience in barcamp5

This was my first ever barcamp. Initially I didn’t even knew what it was all about. I came to know about this through a friend of mine who had already attend this in delhi.

My overall experience was good. What I felt was that this would be more useful for people with startups or those who are planning for one. It would definitely help them build their links and also talk about their own startups. I am not sure if the main barcamps always have entrepreneurship as one of their main areas of focus. It might be that this time as it was in IIMB maybe the focus was more towards entrepreneurship.

On the whole I like the idea of barcamps and would definitely look forward to attend more. If possible maybe I would even attend the headstart event in IISC Bangalore in jan.

Barcamp5 Updates: Startups

By the time I entered the room the discussion had already started. The presenter was advising the ppl over there about not having a start-up (tht was anyway his gimmick to attract everyone’s attention 😎 😀 ).

Anyways the guy later explained the reason for making such a statement. He already had two startups n because of his bad financial planning he had to abort both of his projects. Right now he is doing finance course related to entreprenuership in IIMB. The discussion then turned towards the financial aspects of startups. Discussion turned towards angel funding in india. Some of the names that came up were band of angels, N S Raghavan (N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) ), etc.

People were talking about innovation in getting the funding as well like going for a barter system, playing with credit, etc. One of the guys over there suggested reading a book called bootstrappingbible a pdf document available from changethis.com. Also its here only for the first time I heard about mapunity.in a startup that is incubated in IIMB. These mapunity guys are trying to survive on their own without any VC funding.

Anyways on the whole, I got to know some new things after attending this session.

By the way, I had downloaded the bootstrappingbible document. Will write about it in another post once I complete reading it.

Barcamp5 Updates: Headstart

This session was talking about helping startups to grow. Basically they were introducing kickstart , a start-up for start-ups 🙂 .They are going to have an event in IISC Bangalore from Jan 18th to 20th, 2008. The event is called headstart which is going to be a technology and product showcase event. This event is mainly for startups and some VC’s are also invited in the event.

But as the session progressed it seemed to be a debate between headstart and proto. So, came out of the session and went to attend.

The things that I learned were about events like proto, headstart, etc. Maybe they would be helpful to me once I have a start-up of my own 😀 🙂 .

Barcamp5 Updates: Personal reputation management

This was the first session that I attended in barcamp5. Was supposed to discuss mainly about managing our personal reputation online.

The highlights of the session are as follows:

  • People generally look at the top three results on the search page when they search about a person on google.
  • Showed some statistics wherein how our online personal reputation would matter…especially job market in US
  • Suggestions given by them are to try to reduce the page rank of the pages which talk about our negative aspects.
  • Points that I learned in this regard were like, creating google alerts, link our personal webpage to those with positive reviews on us, being active in LinkedIn, going for press releases in PR web, creating a google page, having an active profile in facebook & myspace as they do appear in the search results, making use of flickr,etc.

On the whole the guys were not able to satisfy the audience. I was expecting something more out of the session. Anyways after the session, we went for lunch and the updates on the next sessions can be seen in the next posts.