Singh is King – Another hopeless movie

Its been just 2 weeks since I could digest the movie Contract. Being a Ram Gopal Varma’s fan, I went along with 3 other friends of mine on the first day and the first few minutes of the movie itself gave us indications how horrible its going to be. Just to compensate for it we had watched Hancock on the same day within a gap of 15 minutes 😀 .

And now its this much hyped movie Singh is King. This also turned out to be a hopeless one. I was really disappointed. And I had taken a friend of mine who generally does not watch movies at all. I can imagine how he would have felt 🙂 . Except a few hilarious scenes in the first half, there was nothing much in the movie. The story line was not that good and some of the scenes just made no sense. And lots of punjabi element was added in the movie…….maybe that’s just to draw some crowd to the theatres. Maybe the first week collections of this movie might be good as many gullible people like me 🙁 might fall for the hype created. But I definitely don’t see this one to be a big hit.

Some good points about the movie are……… of course Katrina Kaif 😉 , some comedy scenes in the first half and the punjabi dialogues. Apart from this nothing great about the movie. If at all you plan to watch it, don’t have too much of expectations out of it 🙂 .

What an amazing weekend it was!!!!

Last weekend I had a blast with my btech friends. For three days it was lot of fun. Its been a long long time since I had a good time with my btech friends. Those three days I had such a good time that I don’t feel like working now 🙂 (anyways I never felt like working 😉 ). I am still in that mood only. Thanks to nandini and bhavana who came to bangalore all over from hyderabad.

Initially all of us planned to go to coorg but somehow it got cancelled. So, we decided to go to places in and around bangalore. Let me start from Day 1.

Day 1:

What a day it was!!! Thanx to air deccan and BIAL (Bangalore International Airport Limited) it took my friend a total of 7 hours to reach bangalore from chennai 😯 . For me the day started at 5.30 AM. I had to first pick up my friend from railway station. After reaching the station, I came to know that the train is running late by one hour. And this is just the beginning….so to pass away the time I had my breakfast at comesum in the station..then had some tea…then went around the station for sometime and still there was no sign of the train 🙁 . At last I get a call from my friend that the train has arrived…what a relief!!!! 🙂 . After a long wait at last I dropped my friend at her friend’s place and came back to my room. Had a short nap and got up to go to the new devanahalli airport. Got a call from my friend in chennai that the flight was on time. So, started off to the airport immediately unaware of what was in store for me at the airport 🙁 . Thought of trying the new volvo buses to the airport. Luckily found one as soon as I reached the bus stop. For people who are not aware of these volvos and new airport stuff…..the scenario is that the new international airport at bangalore was opened on the same day and airport people had put these volvos in service to reach the new airport which was around 45 km 😯 from my place. It took me 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the airport. I thought my friend’s flight would land first. But the situation at chennai airport was that the flight got delayed by some 30 mins initially…then another 30 mins and then another 30 mins and then after boarding it was delayed by another 30 mins 😡 …..thats what is air deccan’s speciality. So ultimately the flight that was supposed to reach bangalore by 11.15 AM reached bangalore by 2 PM 😯 ….. thank god it reached 😀 . Just to pass away the time I had a sandwich, a cool drink and read the whole Economic Times paper 🙂 . So, today whatever the food I had was just to pass away the time 🙁 . Now again from the airport to reach the city its another herculean task. Took a volvo and this time it took almost 2 hours to reach our place. So, ultimately by 4.30 PM we were at our friend’s place. So, for my friend it was a total of 7 hours journey to reach the destination.

In the evening we planned to go to hogganekkal falls the next day. So, went out to book a cab and then thought of going to dinner from there. But thanks to these travel offices, it took us almost 2 hrs to get a cab……after a lot of arguments atlast we had to pay what they wanted us to pay 🙁 . And then after everything was decided, they could not get the vehicle we wanted and he kept us waiting in his office 😡 . Looks like today it was the day of waiting waiting and waiting for me 🙁 . Anyways finally we booked the cab and then went for dinner. Another friend was also supposed to join but thanks to the travel people who made us to wait so long that it was too late for her to join us. Anyways three of us had a nice dinner at bombay post on airport road.

Day 2:

I had to get up by 5 AM 🙁 as we asked the car driver to come by 6 AM. This guy came in time. Picked up the other friends from their places and we started off to hogganekkal falls. It was around 160 – 180 km from our place. Reached the place by afternoon. To see the actual falls we have to take a coracle. We were total of 5 and for Rs. 600 we could get one. This guy took us near the falls…we had proper shower…all of us were completely wet. Initially none of us thought that we would be wet..but ultimaltely none of us were dry 🙂 . Initially we thought that this being summer there won’t be lot of water. But it was really good. Maybe in monsoons the level of water would be still more and the flow of the falls would also be more. But still the place was too good. The water going through the rocks, the coracles, the hills at a distance all made the place worth visiting.

Then we went around in the coracle for some more time and then were back. There was one crocodile rehabilitation centre also here. One can find lot of crocodiles here. After all this we were all set to go back to bangalore. The only problem in the journey was that the last few kilometers to this place, the road was bumpy and all of us had this vomiting sensation. Anyways by 6.30 PM we were all back home.

The plan for the next day was supposed to be decided over dinner. Had our dinner in mainland china on 100 ft. road. Here we decided that next day we would go to shivasamudram and this proved to be a very good decision.

Day 3:

Again I had to get up by 5 AM 🙁 . After pickingup other friends from their places, we started our journey. We took the mysore road and then the deviation at maddur. The road till maddur was too good…..ofcourse it was the bangalore – mysore road 🙂 . Had our breakfast on the way. Now from maddur though the road wasn’t that good, but the place was awesome….on either sides of the road we could see the paddy fields, sugarcane fields, the coconut trees all over, banana trees and many more. It was an awesome view. Just this bit of the journey made us feel like that it was a good decision to go to shivasamudram. After reaching the place we first went to see if we were allowed to see the dam. But visitors were not allowed 🙁 . By the way this dam was supposed to be the first one in South Asia..built somewhere in 1902. Then we went to the gagan chukki falls. The sight of the falls was too good. It was really really worth coming to this place. From there we went to bara chukki falls. Its around 14 km from here. On the way we stopped at the dam reservoir. Had some fun here by climbing trees, etc. We spent almost 45 mins to get on to a tree and get down 🙂 . Ofcourse if you look at the tree you would know why 😀 . Then reached the bara chukki falls. And here we can go to the bottom of the falls by walk. There were even the coracle’s to go in the waters but we were not interested in it. Thought of exploring the place ourselves 🙂 . After crossing the small stream and getting on to the rocks we went to the point where the falls reach the ground. It was worth the effort. Spent some time here and started to walk back to the top. Had real fun at this place when compared to hogganekkal falls. And as always all good things come to an end, we started off back to bangalore. On our way back I had to bear the three females singing at the top of their voices 🙂 ……..had no clue as to what happened to them 😀 . After having some food at forum went to yeshwantpur station to drop my friends and then came back home.

So, atlast it was the end of all fun and back to the same routine again 🙁

Will be uploading the photos soon…………… keep checking.

Installed Gallery

Till now I was using picasa to create the web albums and then was uploading the album on my server. But atlast I decided to go for gallery as I will be getting more features with it. I will be getting a lot of features like allowing users to add comments, add descriptions to the photos, providing slideshows, creating new user accounts (users can upload their photos on my server)and many more. So, installed gallery on my web server yesterday. The first album uploaded through gallery is my shar trip album.

You can check out the gallery here. The link to the gallery can also be found in the sidebar on the right side (My Gallery) and also in the Photo Album page on the top. Will be writing my shar experiences soon.

Session on How am I driving

This was the last session that I attended on day 1. The talk was given by keshav. He was basically pointing out the reckless driving on bangalore roads. He had personally taken some videos of BMTC buses where drivers were steering the wheel hands-free 🙂 , cab drivers driving negligently and many other such instances. The point he wants to make here was that this guy had approached the BMTC authorities also regarding this…but it was of no big use. And in the process he came to know about an interesting fact about the driver cum conductor BMTC buses. For people who are not in bangalore, here we have got buses where in there won’t be any conductor in the bus and the driver has to issue the tickets as well as drive the bus 😯 ………. quite interesting 🙂 and the hands-free driving I was mentioning above was in one of such buses.

Now when this guy keshav approached BMTC authorities regarding this, he was told that this system was inspired from US….. some NRI has given this idea and BMTC is very happy in implementing this as it would save them having an extra person in the bus. In fact these kind of services were very profitable for BMTC.

So, this is the best example of what happens when we try to implement some new system that was working fine somewhere else. These people had just done a ctrl-C, ctrl-V without any changes. They didn’t even think how feasible it is in our Indian context. With so much of traffic here, no proper infrastructure, how can it work directly here. This is just one example for the traffic woes in bangalore. The BMTC people won’t be worried as long as they get profits. But its the traffic that gets affected just because these buses had to stop near the bus stops for an average of 2 mins more when compared to normal bus services. This would directly increase the traffic woes of bangalore roads.

Now coming back to the session, this guy came up with a new website wherein we can directly send an sms about any vehicle’s driving….just send an sms with the vehicle number and the message and it would be updated on the website. This was designed by some student as his final year project. I am not sure how successful would be such kind of initiatives but one thing is for sure……..there is definitely need for some drastic measures to be taken to improve the traffic situation here…..forgot to mention the website…its

BCB6: How search engines work

The session title sounds interesting. Had a short intro about everyone’s background.This guy was talking about importance of having the keywords in title, page content, in the url, etc. And then comes an argument about title being not that important these days…… example youtube, flickr, etc. Also the keyword suggestion tools were talked about…. worktracker, google trends, google adwords suggest, etc. Actually there were two guys from google in the room which made the discussions interesting. Topics were like tags for images, keyword proximity, data centre location, etc. This guy has got a website

There is the guy here…..donno how popular these sites are…. will check it out later

Its end of the session…..lets see whts coming up next…..

Logo design session

Currently in L-11 room to attend the logo design session….there is some delay in the session and a guy started his talk on search engines.

Sebastin is the guy talking about ….. his beta version of search engine he was working on. He basically uses yahoo api’s and also some other api’s as well. What he basically does is to take results from different search engines and then provide them at a single place. The new terminology I heard of here was about web scraping. His website was basically some mashup and not a search engine exactly.

Here starts the logo design session. Aashish solanki is the guy talking in the session. The session started with basic classification of logos, blunders in logos (starbucks example), his favourite logos (yahoo, apple, coca-cola, mercedes, FedEx…..i didn’t knew there was a hidden arrow in their logo, etc). Then he has quickly created a new logo for barcamp to illustrate to us how easy it is to create logos 😕 easy 😕 😯 naaaa 🙂

Update is that the wi-fi works atlast….going to the next session now….