The secret of Einstein

I watched this today in national geographic channel….was very interesting. The main idea of the program was to analyse the various reasons for einstein’s genius.

It talks about the structure of his brain, his ability to concentrate on a single problem, his habit of asking questions like small children and then spending days together to find answers to those questions.

In the show it was shown that there were only two people in history till now famous for their concentration levels one was netwon and the other one einstein. Their concentration levels were so high tht they would even lose their body weight while working continuously for days together isolated in a room without food n water. According to neurology this is some sort of neurological disorder 😕 😯 😯

They even talked about Dr. Thomas Harvey who performed the autopsy after einstein’s death and also took out his brain for preserving. He had preserved the brain for 50 years and then passed on to another doctor to preserve it.

Finally I also came to know about StevenLevy who in 1978 went out to search for einstein’s brain…..u can see his article here. More about steven levy’s search for albert einstein’s brain can be seen in trivia-library.The article is of three parts. Lastly I found a video Einstein’s brain: The search for genius. I found this in google and even I did not watch this….Lastly, the program was too gud and would really like to watch it again if I can get hold of the video somewhere 🙂

Nice video- Lead India TOI

All of us (including me 🙂 )keep blaming our country for its present state, but no one cares to do something about it. Given the oppurtunity all of us try to run away to have a better life…..earn lots of money but none of us realize that its we who have to take the initiative to do something. We keep hearing about this always but never think about taking some action. I liked this nice quote which I read in some blog recently….. “Lets admit it….you are never stuck in a traffic jam……you are the traffic jam“–TOI. This video depicts the same idea.Hope it will inspire you 🙂 😀

Click here to watch the video.

My new reliance data card

Its been more than a month now I have been using the reliance data card. Initially I had many doubts about the performance of the card but till now I never faced any problems. Though the speed is really really less when compared to a broadband connecction, this would give us the flexibility to access internet anywhere and anytime. The initial cost is a bit high…I got a pcmcia card which costed me around 3200 rupess including the installation charges and I took the 900 rupees 1.5 GB/month plan.

The bandwidth is sufficient enough to login using vpn and work from home…but the response would obviously be slow 🙁 . I can login into our servers using vnc or normal ssh client and also check my emails etc….For normal browsing, checking emails and working on servers etc the speed is decent…but for heavy downloads I would definitely say NO. But one bad thing abt this (maybe this would apply to cisco employees more) is that the ipcommunicator (ipc) does not work properly if we are logged in through vpn…this is a known issue with ipc wherein for dialup connections, the bandwidth is not sufficient enuf to login through vpn and use it…the audio would get distorted and sometimes only one side would work. Other than this problem I feel that this is a really gud option if broadband is not available or we need some backup internet connectivity.

And most importantly, with this data card its as if I have another cell phone. I can make/receive calls and also send/receive sms from my laptop. So, this would provide a backup internet connectivity as well as a phone.

Coming to other service providers offering data cards, I heard that tata indicom is also decent enough. A friend of mine has bought it very recently n is happy with the performance of the card. But I think airtel n vodafone (previously hutch) are not that good in this data card segment.

One gud thing abt these datacards is that even if we get CDMA 2000-1x EVDO coverage in bangalore, the same card can be used as EVDO is backward compatible to be used with CDMA 2000-1x (1x-RTT). If at all that is going to happen we can expect peak data rates of upto 2400 kbps compared to the existing 144 kbps with the 1x-RTT.

Heard that BSNL is soon going to launch EVDO based data cards…I wish even reliance would do it :)…right now I think bsnl has only 2000-1x option.

Anyways this is my experience with the datacard but I see many people who are not happy with its performance…I think a number of factors influence the datacard’s performance like distance from the tower, number of users logged in at that time, etc..but luckily till now I never faced any problem with it.

Disclaimer: This opinion of mine is purely based on my own experience and I am not biased towards any of the service providers 🙂

Cisco new campus inaguaration

Day 1: Visit of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam (Former President of India) and John Chambers (CEO, Cisco Systems)

Dr. Kalam’s address to cisco’s employees can be seen here

Before Dr. Kalam’s speech, John was addressing us and we could see a live demo of 3-D telepresence (it was my first time…heard a lot abt it since I joined Cisco) . The only bad thing is that we could not be present in the auditorium physically but were only watching it in our IPTV’s in our cubicles 🙁 .

Day 2: All-hands meeting with John Chambers

We had an all-hands meeting with John Chambers at KTPO, Whitefield. It was my first all-hands meeting and it was nice to see John addressing us and answering the employee’s questions.

Day 3: Cisco Career day and family day, Bollywood night (performance by sonu nigam, etc)

On the last day we had career day and family day wherein we can get our friends and family to show the campus. Also we had many events n lots of gifts as well. Managed to grab many free gifts and also won second prize in the mind games event 🙂 .

In the evening we had the sonu nigam show…it was really gr88…and tht was the end of the 3 day celebrations

The conclusion is we had lots of fun for 3 days n many free gifts, t-shirts, etc

Bangalore Traffic >= Hell

From the day my office got shifted to the new campus I could get the real picture of bangalore traffic. Now early in the morning I have to leave my room by 7.45AM to take the cab. Then it takes atleast 1.5 hrs(thts d min time) to reach the office which is just abt 15kms from my place. And in the evening its still worse. One day it took us 2hrs to come back in the evening. I dont understand how the blore ppl manage in such worst conditions. On one hand it was raining, all d roads being blocked, vehicles coming from all directions….that was a really really worst situation. Sometimes to reach office on time I had to start by 7AM 🙁 so that there wont be any traffic 🙂

I dont understand why nothing is being done to address this traffic problem in blore. With so many ppl coming to this so called cosmopolitan city daily…so many new companies being started…I feel tht some drastic measures will have to be taken by the state govt. May be one alternative to this is to go to office early in the morning n come back late in the night 😀 …thereby spending almost 13-14 hrs in office 🙂 ….atleast the productivity would increase this way 🙂