Goal movie – First day evening show

I heard that Goal movie was supposed to be released on november 23rd…so was checking for pvr tickets from 22nd itself but still the booking was not open and even in the coming movies list goal was not displayed…so I thought the release was postponed……but today I was just chekcing pvr website in the evening at around 4 PM and guess wht tickets were still available….so without wasting anytime I booked a ticket for myself and after 5 mins checked the site again to book for my friend but it was housefull by then…….I was really lucky to get the ticket for the friday show 🙂 .

Anyways now coming to the movie…..Ithe movie was really gud……I liked it………a gud movie after the hopeless saawariya & om shanti om. There are no similarities between chak de and goal…..both of them are gud in their own way…….I found one or two loopholes in the movie but afterall it can’t be 100% perfect 😀 . The story is all about saving the southall united football club. Arshad Warsi’s acting was good……a different role from the one he had in munnabhai….even john abraham and boman irani were gud…….the second part of the movie was much better than the first half….especially the ending was too gud. The first half is all about forming the team……john who was initally in an english team ultimately joins the southall team after he was not selected for the league matches as he was not an english guy.

I was expecting tht definitely there would be some racism related stuff and that was all the movie about….the goras (english) trying to show their superiority over asians….aah this was one movie where it was not only about being indian but they were talking abt india, pakistan and bangladesh together….so the movie was basically goras vs. south-asians 🙂 .The last match is the highlight in the movie. One more reason why I liked the movie was there were no useless songs just to drag the movie…all the ones were according to the situation or just background songs. And finally coming to bipasha’s role, she had nothing much to do……..

On the whole the movie is worth watching…….again a gud sports related movie tht can be a hit.


Just started playing basketball daily in the evening…..I am a beginner…I never played basketball b4. Its a gud break after the day’s work. Lets see how long will I continue playing 🙂 . First day it was fine but now after 3 days, my hands n legs started paining :(  but still i won’t give up 🙂 😀 . Anyways thts only  temporary and will be fine soon. Thts all for now…….will keep updating on this.

Bangalore- The Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is said to be “The silicon valley of India”, the IT hub , cosmopolitan city and what not. Statistics reveal that there are about half a million software engineers in bangalore. The real estate prices are sky-rocketed, cost of living has increased, there are big big malls coming up at every corner……but this is all just one side of the coin. Does bangalore really qualify to be the silicon valley of India? Can the infrastructure over here support for it? A simple example reveals the real situation…..these days a broadband internet connection has become the basic need and that too in a city like bangalore with so many software professionals, atleast it must be treated as a basic need. But the fact is that one must be really lucky to get a connection here. The irony is that there are still many places in bangalore where there are no broadband providers (maybe bsnl is an exception to this…but one needs to have a phone connection to get bsnl broadband) and ppl still have to use the internet connection thru cable network like sify, hathway, etc.

Now getting a bsnl broadband connection is not going to be tht easy as initially we need to wait for a landline connection and then only if there are ports available in that area (for which the probability is really really low) we can get a connection…and wherever the private players are there, the ports are already full 😀 . With so many software ppl here why can’t the companies upgrade their infrastructure. My woes started like this-

I stay on airport road, supposed to be a decent place in bangalore. Initially I applied for an airtel connection and I was told they would get back to me with the feasibility report within 3 days. And they did come back to me promptly and said we cannot provide the connection. Then I turned to tata indicom (though I know their service is hopeless, I was left with no other option). These guys also promised to get back in 3 days and gave me a reference number. And after 3 days when I called them,  the call centre guy just raised a new complaint and gave me a new complaint number and asked me to wait for 3 more days. Then after 3 more days I got another complaint number and this way atlast I was left out with a ref num and 3 complaint numbers but no progress in the connection. Then atlast I had to go for a realiance data card. Now after a month I got a mail from tata indicom saying that we cannot provide you the service in that area right now.

So, this is wht the state of infrastructure is in bangalore.  I don’t think it is really greedy to expect a broadband connection. Ok…lets leave getting a broadband connection… but expecting to get a normal lan cable (cat5 cable) should not be a problem. But you know even that is not an easy thing in bangalore. My friend got a new reliance broadband connection yesterday. We wanted to use a linksys router so that both of us can work in parallel. So, we set out to buy an ethernet cable. But to our surprise, we had to go almost 5 km to find a shop that sells it. That too we could find that shop after parking our bike and walking for almost a kilometer near the place. Some of the ppl did not even understand wht we were asking for.  So, this is the plight of silicon valley of india.

Is it only about a broadband connection or an ethernet cable?? No…thts not the end, ask anyone staying in bangalore abt the traffic situation here, abt the pollution, the cost of living, the real estate prices, the house rents, auto fares….the list will go on. This place used to be a quiet pensioner’s paradise but right now its no where nearer to a paradise.

I think some serious thought has to be given to the situation in bangalore or else the days are not far where it might just become the garbage valley of india.

My new reliance data card

Its been more than a month now I have been using the reliance data card. Initially I had many doubts about the performance of the card but till now I never faced any problems. Though the speed is really really less when compared to a broadband connecction, this would give us the flexibility to access internet anywhere and anytime. The initial cost is a bit high…I got a pcmcia card which costed me around 3200 rupess including the installation charges and I took the 900 rupees 1.5 GB/month plan.

The bandwidth is sufficient enough to login using vpn and work from home…but the response would obviously be slow 🙁 . I can login into our servers using vnc or normal ssh client and also check my emails etc….For normal browsing, checking emails and working on servers etc the speed is decent…but for heavy downloads I would definitely say NO. But one bad thing abt this (maybe this would apply to cisco employees more) is that the ipcommunicator (ipc) does not work properly if we are logged in through vpn…this is a known issue with ipc wherein for dialup connections, the bandwidth is not sufficient enuf to login through vpn and use it…the audio would get distorted and sometimes only one side would work. Other than this problem I feel that this is a really gud option if broadband is not available or we need some backup internet connectivity.

And most importantly, with this data card its as if I have another cell phone. I can make/receive calls and also send/receive sms from my laptop. So, this would provide a backup internet connectivity as well as a phone.

Coming to other service providers offering data cards, I heard that tata indicom is also decent enough. A friend of mine has bought it very recently n is happy with the performance of the card. But I think airtel n vodafone (previously hutch) are not that good in this data card segment.

One gud thing abt these datacards is that even if we get CDMA 2000-1x EVDO coverage in bangalore, the same card can be used as EVDO is backward compatible to be used with CDMA 2000-1x (1x-RTT). If at all that is going to happen we can expect peak data rates of upto 2400 kbps compared to the existing 144 kbps with the 1x-RTT.

Heard that BSNL is soon going to launch EVDO based data cards…I wish even reliance would do it :)…right now I think bsnl has only 2000-1x option.

Anyways this is my experience with the datacard but I see many people who are not happy with its performance…I think a number of factors influence the datacard’s performance like distance from the tower, number of users logged in at that time, etc..but luckily till now I never faced any problem with it.

Disclaimer: This opinion of mine is purely based on my own experience and I am not biased towards any of the service providers 🙂


After a really long long time I could go to a movie on the First Day First Show 🙂 …..and tht too in home theatre 😉

Now coming to the movie, its not tht gud….after looking at the hype created before the movie release, it was a bit of disappointment. There is nothing much in the story…a very simple one…I really can’t understand why Sanjay Leela Bansali had spent so much on the sets n all…..but one thing is tht all the actors had given their best…though new ranbir kappor(raj) n sonam kapoor (sakina) had performed well…and rani mukherjee had done justice to her role (was a bit surprised to see her in tht role 🙂 ).

On the whole it was an average movie in my view.

Trip to ooty

Had been to ooty this weekend. This was not the first time I went there. Last time I went to ooty was when I was in b.tech third year. That was real fun then. This time also I stayed in the same place where we stayed 3 years back. I even had dinner n breakfast in the same restaurants where we had before. It was really good recollecting the past memories.

Went to the lake, doddabetta peak n botanical gardens. It was a nice short trip for 2 days taking a break from the routine life in blore. Will be uploading the photos soon…

First job in bangalore…….

At last I joined my first job in cisco in bangalore. It seemed to appear gud when I came here first…..the company accomodation, cabs, orientation programs in hotels etc. I liked the pleasant weather of bangalore also. But slowly things started to change. The real picture of bangalore is something else. I think there are more outsiders here than the actual natives. The software companies have completely spoiled the environment. No doubt ppl r making lots of money bcoz of the software boom…but the other side of it is that it just appears like transfer of money between ppl….the tag(I-card) that the employees wear is a sufficient reason for ppl to charge u like anything…be it the auto wallas, land lords, restaurants….and the traffic jams over here r know to everyone…till now i just heard abt it but today i had a nice exp…i took an auto to go a friend’s place…the normal route was completely blocked so the auto driver took another route…there it was still worse…v could not even move more than a few feet in abt half an hour and there was no way to go back also….atlast i left the auto n came back to my room by walk 🙁

Coming to food i thought it would be far better than delhi…..but u order any damn item there will be coconut in it for sure…….and the so called cosmopolitan city has just two or three mcdonalds or kfc’s and tht too in the crowded malls…..ohhhh i forgot to tell abt the malls over here……once the weekend comes u can see half of blore population in these malls n the movie theatres…..they r like hell. There r a few pvr’s but v can never get tickets in them…donno when n how ppl book their tickets…..till now i could see only one movie n tht too luckily my friends had tickets with them n they cancelled their plan to watch d movie.

Life seems to be a routine now….get up early in d morning….stay in office till evening even if u have nothing to do…..and wait eagerly for d weekend….the freedom v had in student life is lost…

lastly one gud thing in blore is u can find a ccd in every corner 🙂

more to come soon…………………………………….till then enjoy maadi 🙂