Trip to ooty

Had been to ooty this weekend. This was not the first time I went there. Last time I went to ooty was when I was in third year. That was real fun then. This time also I stayed in the same place where we stayed 3 years back. I even had dinner n breakfast in the same restaurants where we had before. It was really good recollecting the past memories.

Went to the lake, doddabetta peak n botanical gardens. It was a nice short trip for 2 days taking a break from the routine life in blore. Will be uploading the photos soon…

8 Replies to “Trip to ooty”

  1. by da way.. where r u uploading the photos?
    every time u say.. i will be uploading..
    but i cant find any pics in this site.

  2. ohhh..
    sorry yaar..
    infact i never explored all the links in ur site.
    i think .. i am irritating u lil bit.. am i ???

  3. yeah… i mind.
    cant we continue this way?
    u can easily know abt me as u can trace my ip and location 🙂
    leave that topic.
    howz ur work at cisco?

  4. 🙂 right now i dont see the need to trace u using ur ip
    anyways lets continue this way
    coming to my work in cisco…its going well

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