Barcamp5 Updates: Personal reputation management

This was the first session that I attended in barcamp5. Was supposed to discuss mainly about managing our personal reputation online.

The highlights of the session are as follows:

  • People generally look at the top three results on the search page when they search about a person on google.
  • Showed some statistics wherein how our online personal reputation would matter…especially job market in US
  • Suggestions given by them are to try to reduce the page rank of the pages which talk about our negative aspects.
  • Points that I learned in this regard were like, creating google alerts, link our personal webpage to those with positive reviews on us, being active in LinkedIn, going for press releases in PR web, creating a google page, having an active profile in facebook & myspace as they do appear in the search results, making use of flickr,etc.

On the whole the guys were not able to satisfy the audience. I was expecting something more out of the session. Anyways after the session, we went for lunch and the updates on the next sessions can be seen in the next posts.

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