Barcamp5 Updates: Startups

By the time I entered the room the discussion had already started. The presenter was advising the ppl over there about not having a start-up (tht was anyway his gimmick to attract everyone’s attention 😎 😀 ).

Anyways the guy later explained the reason for making such a statement. He already had two startups n because of his bad financial planning he had to abort both of his projects. Right now he is doing finance course related to entreprenuership in IIMB. The discussion then turned towards the financial aspects of startups. Discussion turned towards angel funding in india. Some of the names that came up were band of angels, N S Raghavan (N S Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) ), etc.

People were talking about innovation in getting the funding as well like going for a barter system, playing with credit, etc. One of the guys over there suggested reading a book called bootstrappingbible a pdf document available from Also its here only for the first time I heard about a startup that is incubated in IIMB. These mapunity guys are trying to survive on their own without any VC funding.

Anyways on the whole, I got to know some new things after attending this session.

By the way, I had downloaded the bootstrappingbible document. Will write about it in another post once I complete reading it.

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