My favourite tv programmes

Thought of writing abt my favourite tv programmes……my most favourite channels are discovery and national geographic.

The programs I like the most are Extreme Engineering, massive engines with chris barrie, man vs. wild, dirty jobs by mike rowe from discovery channel and from NGC it is Air Crash Investigations, seconds before disaster,wild and many more.

Out of these I never miss watching air crash investigations…I really like the way things are analyzed ultimately reaching to the root cause of the crash. I like watching the programs which show massive engines, the way they work…, construction related programs n those dealing with machines…machines n machines 🙂

Till now I did not get the idea of putting in about these programs in my website…but today I was watching the program The secret of Einstein n was so impressed by it tht I thought of writing about it here….so from today I would keep writing about all those programs in detail. And to start with…….I will write about The secret of Einstein today.

Keep checking for more updates……… so coming up next The secret of Einstein

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