My US Trip

Staring from today you will see a series of posts about my US trip. I will be in san jose for a month on official work. In this month’s time I am planning to visit as many places as possible. I will also be going to New Jersery on a weekend.

So, let me just start right from my journey to san jose. I started from bangalore on 10th march. Took singapore airlines flight…..bangalore —> Singapore —> Seoul —-> SFO. Only the last part of the journey from Seoul to SFO was a bit boring as it was a continuous 10 and half hours flight without a break. From SFO took a taxi to reach my hotel in san jose. I did not had any jet lag problems and after getting fresh went out along with my btech friend rahul. He had done his Masters in US and is right now working in Cisco. He showed me all the big companies here in silicon valley…..then we went to have dinner at a mexican restaurant “On the borders”. My friend has ordered a burrito for me…….I just had a few bites and left it 🙂 …..Lesson#1 : Never order a burrito again 🙂 Then went to starbucks n had a frappuccino n a cake. That was my dinner on first day 🙁

More to come in the next post….keep checking 😀

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