Logo design session

Currently in L-11 room to attend the logo design session….there is some delay in the session and a guy started his talk on search engines.

Sebastin is the guy talking about wropl.com ….. his beta version of search engine he was working on. He basically uses yahoo api’s and also some other api’s as well. What he basically does is to take results from different search engines and then provide them at a single place. The new terminology I heard of here was about web scraping. His website was basically some mashup and not a search engine exactly.

Here starts the logo design session. Aashish solanki is the guy talking in the session. The session started with basic classification of logos, blunders in logos (starbucks example), his favourite logos (yahoo, apple, coca-cola, mercedes, FedEx…..i didn’t knew there was a hidden arrow in their logo, etc). Then he has quickly created a new logo for barcamp to illustrate to us how easy it is to create logos 😕 easy 😕 😯 naaaa 🙂

Update is that the wi-fi works atlast….going to the next session now….

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