iPhone in India – good and bad news

The good news is that vodafone had tied up with apple to sell iphones in 10 countries including india… source economic times article …..vodafone website and this article as well. Ofcourse thanks to jayant who told me yesterday itself that apple is going to sell iphones in india through vodafone.

But the bad news is that the price of the 8GB piece is going to be 28k 😯 in india….. forget about the 16GB one 🙁

Now looking at this all my iphone dreams are now shattered 🙁 . So, atlast it again comes down to buying one from the US and then unlocking it here 😀 . This price problem has always been an issue here and I guess it will continue to be there always 🙁 . Companies keep talking about the piracy, etc in india but when the prices are so high then indirectly they themselves are encouraging it 😉 . Now if apple is going to sell the phones in india for double the price when compared to US then obviously people would prefer looking for alternative ways 🙂 😉 …. afterall india is a price sensitive market and one needs to keep the price factor also in mind even when it comes to selling some of the world’s best products.

And one more reason why I am not happy is because of treating india to be a dumping yard……..yes I mean dumping yard 😡 . Because apple is launching the 2G phones in india at a point when its launching the 3G phones in US in june. So, apple is just trying to dispose off those outdated 2G phones in other countries. I agree that India still doesn’t have 3G coverage and maybe bharti & MTNL are trying to get it soon. But still somewhere in the mind it remains that we are going to have some outdated instruments when compared to the rest of the world. Although the article in ET says that during later part of the year we can expect the 3G phones as well… but I guess that would be only after all those older 2G ones are sold out.

But I think whatever be the model and the price definitely the iPhone will have many takers in india. And coming to owning one….. I wish someone would gift me one 🙂 ….and that said I think I am being too greedy 😆

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