Pangea Day Bangalore

Had been to the venue in bangalore where the pangea day movies were played. It was actually in a company called ThoughtWorks……good to see that companies are allowing outsiders to host such events….and that too on the night of elections day in bangalore. Reached the venue by 8 PM…..the movies were supposed to start from 11.30 PM IST, but here the organizers planned for more….so we had to reach by 8. One bad thing was that we were not allowed to take our laptops or cameras 🙁 . So, no live blogging.

Coming to the events over there….initially the TED talk by Jehane Noujam was shown followed by some live performances by some of the attendees. Then it was the time for the live telecast. I was there along with my friend karthik till the end of the programme. It was 3.30 am in the morning. All the people who came were there till the end. Overall the concept was good. Getting so many people together to watch films to understand one another, to bring about some change in people, to look at people’s fears…sorrow….etc. The live telecast could have been watched sitting at home also…. but the point is to watch the movies along with everyone and that’s what this pangeaday is all about.

And lastly about the movies……most of them were interesting except a few . The ones I liked the most are Dancing Queen, Elevator Music, I remember Lebanon, Inja (Dog), J’Attendrai Le Suivant (I’ll Wait for the Next One), Pale Blue Dot, Papiroflexia, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Silli (The Slap), The Americana Project : Cuba, The Ball, WalleyBall. The whole list of the movies can be found here.

I sincerely wish that more of such events should be held. Maybe they might not change the world immediately but the point is that atleast people would start thinking and that’s what is required. After all the whole event was the result of a single person’s wish and it brought so many people together at the same time. Imagine what can be done if everyone of us would start thinking.

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  1. Kudos to all Pangeans…
    I was also at teh Pangea Day…
    Enjoyed ….
    Let more Pangea days come

  2. Special thanks to the sponsors. TW is always very co-operative.
    Special thanks to Tina & the team.

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