Good news for iPhone enthusiasts in India

Looks like Vodafone is going to get the iPhone to India soon. Check out this article on Vodafone website. Even Airtel has announced it. You can check it out here.

I had already registered for it 🙂 . I really can’t wait anymore to get my hands on it 🙂

Coming to the tariff plans, the information from the Vodafone customer care is that it would come with a monthly tariff of Rs. 199, Rs. 499 and Rs. 699 depending on the internet usage and downloads, etc. I even heard from people saying that the existing Vodafone customers can use the existing sim card only but of course we can only make calls and send sms 😀 . Whatever it is looks like we are going to have iPhone pretty soon.

2 Replies to “Good news for iPhone enthusiasts in India”

  1. wow! you are all excited about it .. 🙂

    but y do you want to continue with dokku vodafone ?? hehe .. guess you have lot of coverage issues with that ..

  2. The point is I don’t want to change my phone number…but if by any chance vodafone does not get iPhone to India then I don’t mind changing to airtel 🙂
    So, first preference would be iPhone with vodafone if not iPhone with any other carrier 😀

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