All for a ticket from bangalore to hyderabad

It all started because of the long weekend of August 15th. Last time when I was in hyderabad sometime during last week of june, I was just checking tickets availability for bangalore to hyderabad for august 15th and by then only it was going in wait list. I booked in two different trains and the status on august 9th was still in wait list. Finally, I had decided to book in tatkal quota.

So, a guy who does not get up early in the morning (early here implies before 8 AM 🙂 ) to go to office only decides to get up by 7.45 AM on a saturday 😀 . And finally I got up at 7.44 AM by a wake-up sms (yeah you read it right…..a wake-up sms) from a friend 😀 . Now without wasting any more time, I opened my laptop, opened irctc site and was ready to book the tickets. And just as the clock struck 8.00 AM, I started trying, but it says not yet opened. By then I came to know that another friend was able to open and was entering the passenger details also……it was from US. So, the next thing I did was to connect on my vpn 💡 and then tried again. In the mean time, I started to try from my second laptop with another user id that I created the previous night. But it was of no use. And just a few minutes later, I get a status update from my friend that only 11 tickets are available and then the next update is W/L 13 🙁 and that’s the end. After that I tried in other trains and other classes but of no use 🙁 . Just within a few minutes after tatkal quota started, everything was in waitlist again.

Then, I checked for buses and ksrtc was full. Then tried redbus to check for private operators and even that was full. Had no other options and booked a ticket for august 15th as a backup. Then decided to go to Kalasipalyam (for those of you who don’t know what that place is……….its sort of Mecca for private bus operators in bangalore….. one can find atleast 100 travel offices at a single point). And as always as a backup plan asked a friend of mine to check in apsrtc and another one for any other private operators near his place. And finally after sometime I get a call that one of my friends could get tickets but for double the price 😯 . We had no other option and atlast we decided to go for it 🙁 .

Now when I started back from kalasipalyam, I didn’t knew the way back. I just knew how to reach the place 🙂 . I was almost lost in bangalore city in broad daylight and this is not the first time it happened to me. The first time I went to Kalasipalyam to book tickets to Pondicherry, me and my friend lost our way and it was around 11 PM. Finally, with the help of some auto drivers and other people on the road, I just reached home 🙂 .

Learnt a lesson now and I got my ticket to hyderabad for October 8th booked already 😀 . And I am going to book the return ticket also on the first day it opens up.

Ultimaltely, after all the pains, I am going to hyderabad 🙂 on august 14th night in a bus (which I always try to avoid) by paying double the normal price 🙁 .

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  1. Illegal transaction, confession in this blog. Prosecute this guy. YEYE.

    On a sad note, if it goes on like this, people will ultimately forget your face, and will remember only smileys when they hear your name.

    Is it worth all that? Did not get?


  2. hmm……..this is the second time someone has pointed out about the use of too many smileys….I think its time now to think about it….. 🙂

  3. Boss ,

    There is always an alternative ,Check if there’s any bus to Kurnool (Hitech No Volvo available) once u reach Kurnool there are numerous buses to Hyderabad ,
    There is a bus at 9.30PM and at 10.30PM on fridays ,It would save your day ,

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