Another day dedicated to IRCTC

Looks like my bangalore to hyderabad ticket woes are not going to end soon 🙁 . As mentioned by me in the previous post, I was trying to get tickets from bangalore to hyderabad and finally my friend assured me that we will be getting 3 bus tickets but it was at double the price. We were happy that atleast we are able to go to hyderabad. And today afternoon I get a message from him saying that the agent had ditched us and we don’t have any ticket to go to hyderabad. Getting a ticket for bangalore to hyderabad has never been so tough during the last one year of my stay in bangalore.

Already I had wasted one day trying for tatkal quota and then bus tickets. Today it was another attempt to get a ticket to get it confirmed in emergency quota (EQ). I had happily cancelled all other train tickets that I booked earlier and now I will have to book again for 3 of us to get it confirmed in EQ. And thanks to the IRCTC site, it wasn’t even allowing me to login. And after several attempts, finally I could book three 3rd A.C. tickets and gave the pnr number to my friend. Just then I realized that I had given one of the passenger details wrongly 🙁 . Immediately I called up the IRCTC call centre in Delhi. After a few attempts, I could talk to the executive over there and she says there is no other way except to cancel this ticket and book another one. So, back to IRCTC site again to book another ticket for 3 of us and by then the W/L reached regret status. So, I finally booked in sleeper class for us and gave the pnr number to my friend and the W/L was 298, 299 and 300.

Before all this happened, earlier during the day I had to book a ticket for october 12th from hyderabad to bangalore. And as always, our IRCTC site wasn’t responding and it took me almost 45 minutes to book that single ticket and lucklily my ticket was the last confirmed ticket 😀 . After this exercise, a friend of mine wanted a ticket for august 15th and very few were available and the site wasn’t responding. So, he asked me to try for him as well. That was for some 20 minutes but it was of no use. Ultimately he got a waitlisted ticket.

So, my day started with IRCTC and ended with IRCTC. I would have made atleast 50 attempts today for all the tickets that I was trying to book 🙁 . And the final status is that till the day of journey, we won’t be knowing if the tickets would get confirmed. The status will be known just some 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the train 🙁 .

Will update the status here again……

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