The Hangover

What a movie it was!!!!! As far as I remember this is the only movie in which I was laughing from beginning till the end and even now 😆 . These days I reduced my movie watching a lot and am really happy that I watched such a good movie after a long time. Just like the way I used to watch movies randomly before, was just sitting idle in the evening after having worked from home and was feeling bored. All of a sudden came this thought to my mind to watch a movie and that’s it, me and Karthik went to forum and watched the night show. It turned out to be really really good one.

About the movie, I think there must be tons of reviews already on the net and I don’t want to repeat here again. Only thing I would say is it’s a must watch for all the guys out there 😉 ……..and very much true as they say What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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  1. I was one of the unfortunate people who watched it. I didn’t know where to look !@$%^@#$^%#$%R#

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