Getting locked out

Had it not been for the third time in 3 months, I wouldn’t have written about this 🙂 . In my 25 years, I barely remember forgetting stuff like this. This is about how I got locked out of my house twice during the night and once during the day and how I managed to get back in 🙂 .

The first time it was around 9 PM and I went out to get some stuff and when I came back realized that I left my keys in my room itself and it got locked. The good thing was I do have a duplicate key set in my office drawer. So, called up another colleague of mine and went to office. I was requesting the security guys to open the drawer in my cube to get my keys but they say all the keys are in some safe and a seal has been put and it can’t be taken out 🙁 . Only when I said I can call the campus security head they said they will call their incharge and see if something could be done (and in fact they could get the keys but you know people are not always ready to help so easily). Finally they broke the seal and got the key to open my drawer.

I told to myself that I will never again be so careless but that’s what exactly happened for the second time. But this time it was just after I got ready to leave to office. So, luckily I had my drawer keys in my pocket. So, called up the same colleague and asked him to stay at my place until I get back with the key and lock the house 😀 .

And today yet again I got locked out during the night 🙁 . I went out for groceries and came back home at around 9.30 PM only to realize that I didn’t had my keys with me. And this time I could not recollect if I left my keys inside or if I lost it somewhere on the way as I was on my bike wearing shorts. So, it was the same routine again…. a colleague….campus security…..but this time I really had to call up the campus seurity head and only when he told them to help me out, they let me in and got the key to open my drawer. But this was not the end and I was really tensed until I reached my home as I was still not sure if I lost the keys or forgot to take them. And finally I found them safe in my room 😀 .

So, now I decided to keep this duplicate key in one of my friend’s place because I am pretty sure the campus security people are not going to entertain me for the third time 😀 . I hope I won’t forget stuff like this again….but this is seriously not a good indication 🙂 . Anyways will keep updating here if it happens again…….

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