3 idiots

Another good movie from aamir’s stable. Somehow I was a bit skeptical on how good this movie can be as it was based on five point someone and was not sure if Aamir would be successful in appealing the audience. But I was proved completely wrong and I enjoyed every bit of the movie 🙂 .

This was also my first movie in bangalore in a non-multiplex theatre. Watched it in Rex Theatre, Brigade Road. We were three people and got the tickets for thursday’s second show. We were enjoying the movie so much that did not even feel uncomfortable sitting in the rear stall seats.Yeah, by mistake my friend booked in rear stall instead of balcony.

Coming to the movie, we were laughing for almost whole of the movie and the best one was the speech of chatur on Teacher’s Day 😀 . Still can’t stop laughing when I think of that scene 🙂 . Best part was that the movie did not focus too much on Aamir & kareena’s love which would otherwise be the case with any other Bollywood movie. I was also feeling a bit nostalgic during the movie  and was recollecting all my IIT days.  Boman Irani has also done justice to his role.  Looks like he now has perfected the role of being a khadoos Prof. On the whole a very good movie and is definitely worth-watching.

Btw don’t know if it was some coincidence, but when I was in Delhi I always wanted to go on a trip to Leh, Ladakh but could never go. Even this year was thinking of this trip with two other friends but did not materialise. And I saw the same again in 3 idiots and its back again now 🙂 . Hope to make it next year for sure.

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