Getting a MacBook Pro

At last I am getting it….I am getting a MacBook at work 😀 … its going to be the newly released MacBook Pro….the 15″ one. But the only problem is the procurement is a long process and I will be able to play with it only after 2 months from now 🙁 ….but its definitely worth the wait 🙂  and I am really excited to get my hands on the new macbook. Will update it here once I get it shipped.

Update May 20th 2010:

Fortunately/unfortunately apple released the new macbook pro hardware at the same time as I was raising a request for mac. So, after a long wait for a month, finally cisco has evaluated the new macbook pro hardware and gave a green signal to ship new macbooks. So, today finally the purchase order has been placed and my new mac book pro will soon be shipped from singapore. Can’t wait to lay my hands on it 🙂 .

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