Lost accomplished

Took me 4 weeks and done with the entire series 🙂 . Was able to catch up with all the seasons (of course at the cost of my work & sleep) to be able to see the last episode of the series in time. Can’t believe people have been following it since the last six years 😯 . Nevertheless it was a really good series.

When I was done with the last episode, I was a bit confused with the ending. Then went through the forum in lostpedia and now it all fits in. When it actually sinks in, you can really appreciate the entire series. Of course, many points were actually left open like mystery about the island, where the initial people came from, about Walt, etc.

My favorite characters are John Locke, Benjamin Linus, Sawyer, Hurley, Daniel Faraday and sometimes Sayid was also fine. Never liked Jack as much until the last few episodes of Season#6. I liked all the episodes which were about the electromagnetism involving Faraday’s research and Desmond. Ohh ya, forgot to add Desmond to my list. I really like the expressionless face of Ben when it comes to his dialogue delivery.

Time to get back to some serious stuff now and just for the record, my macbook pro is not yet shipped 🙁 .

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